Put together your own variation of these one-of-a-kind metal earrings! Every earring can be worn a number of different ways, depending on the different studs and flats you choose. Mix + match studs and flats to create various looks! The options are endless for these pieces of wearable art!

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Step 1: Pick your stud!

Step 1: Pick your stud. Every earring needs a stud to start! Each earring is unique in the way you wear it. Studs can be worn on their own or with a backing. Pick one ore more studs to create various looks!


Step 2: Pick your flats!

After you’ve got your stud (or studs), it’s time to choose your flats! Every flat is a unique and one-of-a-kind metal piece of wearable art. Pick one pair or a few and start to experiment with different looks! Each flat is reversible and can be worn in front or behind the earlobe.


STEP 2: flats