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News story by Tara Hitchcock, featured on AZFamily 3TV.

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“Marine, mom and wife of NFL quarterback Kurt Warner takes on welding”

Story by Tara Hitchcock - September 11, 2018

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“I’ve always loved it…the scraps that are around and rusted. All you have to do is find them, bring them together, and basically weld them into a piece of art. You can shine them and make them a whole new thing.”

After googling ‘metal art’, Brenda stumbled upon ‘welding.’ She shadowed a friend who was a welder, bought the right tools and set up at shop at home. She admits the initial reaction of her seven children wasn’t what you’d call ‘encouraging’.”

“Inspired by their son, Kurt and Brenda Warner open Treasure House in Glendale”

Story by Marcy Jones - September 19, 2018

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Even art on the walls, old metal parts are polished and welded together, making what once some may have considered damaged pieces stronger and more beautiful.

Just ask the artist, Brenda.

"That's what I feel like Treasure House is also where we've taken different people from different walks of life and bring them together an shine a light on them," she said. "So my welding metal art is everywhere in this place just because it's my gift."

Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction 2017

Brenda and Kurt Warner pose with an art piece welded for the special commemoration in 2017.

The earrings worn by Brenda are also MetalArt by B pieces.

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NFL Network Necklace

Michael Irvin wearing a MetalArt by B original to commemorate his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame - 2018.

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“A Hall-of-fame Husband, Seven Kids And A Newfound Purpose - A Gritty Conversation With
Brenda Warner.”

Story by Tara Hitchcock and photos by Madi Robison for Risen Magazine - December 2018

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“At 51, Brenda Warner has found a new passion. She’s become a welder, a nod to her father, who spent years as a blue-collar worker at John Deere. Always a lover of metal art, Brenda now spends most of her time in her welding studio, a colorful and messy space that occupies two stalls of the Warner’s garage. “I just love it,” she shares. “It’s my happy place. I love coming out here and I just look forward to the next thing that comes to my mind that I know I have to make.” We asked Kurt about his wife’s new skill and he said, “For so long, she put everything on hold so I could chase my dream. She never had a chance to dive into anything that she could call her own and anything that she could gain that self-worth from. A lot of people would think, ’ah, I’m fifty, I never did it, I guess I’ll never get to do it. She said, ‘I’m fifty, I’ve never done it. Let’s do it! Let’s try something new. So now, there’s just a great sense of self-worth when she creates a piece and brings into the house. For me, that is the coolest part.”

Risen had the privilege of rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty with Brenda in her metal shop to talk welding, self-worth, faith and finding a new purpose.”